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AIA's Architect’s Guide to Business Continuity

New AIA resource provides guidance for firm resiliency.

In an effort to assist architecture firms with navigating adverse business conditions, the American Institute of Architects (AIA) is releasing a new resource: Architect’s Guide to Business Continuity. The guide provides firm leaders with insights into managing staff, premises, technology, information, supply chains, stakeholders, and reputation, so a firm can continue to provide services, generate revenue, and reduce the consequences of business interruption. Read More and Download

New Webinar: Ramp the Recovery

As the pandemic that has flattened our world ebbs, recovery planning and execution will be critical. Tools that enable situational awareness, information sharing, and monitoring of the rapidly changing environment through open source intelligence is going to be important and will have an enormous impact on design strategies and execution for new facility construction and retrofit projects. In this webinar, we’ll look at how professionals involved in designing, engineering, constructing, and operating laboratory facilities can move toward a more rapid resurgence as they plan for the future. View

BIMOS Lab Seating – Global Design & Innovation Leader

BIMOS Lab Seating is a best-in-class brand globally for chairs and stools to support research and science workers. The brand stands for innovation, modern design and highest quality. All products were specifically designed for lab environments. Learn more

TopAir Systems – Polypropylene Lab Equipment Manufacturer

TopAir Systems is a manufacturer of Fume Hoods, Ductless Fume Hoods, Biological Safety Cabinets, and laboratory furniture produced with an Anti-Corrosion, Polypropylene structure.

Our specialty is customizing to your requirements. Please visit

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Customized Solutions to Meet Your Flooring Needs

With the most extensive collection of high-performing products, Master Builders Solutions can
meet the widest range of flooring challenges. From high-traffic plants and laboratories, to heavy manufacturing facilities subject to aggressive conditions, our industry-leading technologies provide ideal flooring solutions for both interior and external applications. Learn more 

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Connectivity that Provides Maximum Flexibility

PG LifeLink’s customizable Ceiling Service Panels provides power,
phone, data and/or services (gas/air/vac) accessed via umbilical
cords/data cables/hoses allowing for mobile work stations to
move freely. Available in steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Learn more

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