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Tecniplast has more than 60 years of experience in the design, manufacture and distribution of specialized housing products and related equipment for the laboratory animal industry. With headquarters in Europe and North America (USA & Canada), and seven subsidiaries around the world, Tecniplast has everything that is required to serve the industry globally: R&D, product design, manufacturing, assembly, quality control, service and support, shipping and logistics, sales and marketing, administrative and client services.

Tecniplast North America Headquarters was founded in 1999 and is located in West Chester, just outside of Philadelphia. The production site allows the company to manufacture locally and thereby achieve faster lead times while maintaining the same world-class production standards that our clients have grown to expect. In addition, warehouse capabilities enable better inventory of finished products and spare parts availability.

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Introducing a High Allergen Containment Bedding Disposal Station, ARIA DS-One

The new bedding disposal station, Aria DS-One, offers the

highest allergen containment and protection in the market.

The DS-One is compact, lightweight, and easy to

maneuver. Laminar flow barrier, prefilters and

99.99% U.L.Class 1 HEPA filtration are in place

to guarantee protection for the operator.

DS-One structure materials are aluminum

(frame), thermoformed plastic (funnel), and

polycarbonate (side panel) with an AISI 304

Scotch Brite finish which makes cleaning and

sterilization easy. LEARN MORE

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